Everyone loves digital music. But not everyone has time to sit at their computer and import their entire music collection. An average computer takes about 10 minutes to import a full length CD. If you have even 200 CDs, that’s over 30 hours of continuous CD Ripping. Assuming you eat, sleep, have a job, and a life; you are easily looking at a months worth of work, maybe more.

The alternative? Give us a call. For $1.00 per CD, we’ll come to your home or work, pickup all of your CDs, and come back in a few days with all of your music ripped to the audio format of your choice. To many working people, time is money. To others, they’d just rather have someone else do it. Some people don’t like sitting in front of their computers for hours. We love it!

Fast turn-around time! CD ripping is a side-business for MacFixer, and because of that, we only take on one CD ripping job at a time. Your CDs will not be sitting around collecting dust, waiting for us to get around to them. As soon as we get your CDs, we will start ripping them.

Pricing Information

Cost Per CD: $1.00

Minimum CD Count: 100
We’ll still rip smaller jobs, but any fewer than 100 CDs get billed for 100 CDs

We count individual discs, not albums

Travel Fee: $0 to $50, varies by distance & number of CDs

We Accept Cash, Check and Money Orders



Apple Lossless





Prefer another format? We’ll find a way to convert to it!

More Details

Turn-around: approximately 1 day per 150 CDs, plus 1 day { ((n/150)+1) = days }

We can use any encoder settings you want. If you want something custom, just ask.

CDs that are scratched, and skip, make sound files that skip

We do use error correction while ripping, which improves discs in poor condition, but it’s not perfect

CD Wallets are fine, but please note we cannot keep the CDs in order, they will get mixed up during ripping

How Many CDs Do You Have?

100 or less is a very small job

Below 200 is a small job

200 to 500 is a medium sized job

500 to 1000 is a good sized job

1000 to 2000 is a big job

Over 2000 is a very big job

3,263 is the largest collection we’ve ripped to date

People generally have more CDs than they realize, sometimes a lot more. Please keep that in mind when budgeting this.